Adult Christian Education (Sunday Morning & Off-Campus)

Adult Christian Education (Sunday Mornings)
Dedicated to Adult Learning and Spiritual Growth

Church should be a place where you can connect with God, connect with people, and connect with our community and world in ways that make a difference.

Adult classes and groups at Evangel Temple are the place to start connecting!

Join us this Sunday, or during the week, as we follow Jesus, together.

Life Together
Location:  Room 201
Coordinators:  Marty Mittelstadt and Doug Olena
Teachers:  Various Evangel University Professors

Thought-provoking discussion and warm, solid friendships are a hallmark of this class!  This winter, the class will consider Advent themes of love, joy, and peace in December. In January the letters to the Corinthians will be topically discussed. 

Faith and Life
Location:  Room 202
Coordinator:  Bud Greve
Teachers:  Marc Turnage

“To Hear and to Do” - Becoming Disciples of Jesus: By looking at discipleship within the first century and Jesus’ method and message to his disciples, we hope to gain insight into how discipleship should look and work within the twenty-first century.  This series will be taught by Marc Turnage in December and January.

Living by Biblical Truths
Location:  Room 206
Coordinator:  Jeanne Hanf
Teacher:  Dr. Ben Aker

You’ll feel at home with this small class with a family feeling. We are a fun-loving, diverse group of adults who enjoy applying God’s Word to everyday life and praying for one another’s needs. This winter, Dr. Ben Aker will continue a series on the Gospel of John. 

Friends and Family
Location:  Room 205
Coordinator:  Alice Northcutt
Teacher:   Geoff Duncombe

Looking for a way to meet people and learn practical Christian principles? Join this interactive group of singles and couples from college age through senior adults.  Come experience a lively group and in depth Bible discussions. This winter, Geoff Duncombe will continue leading a study in the Book of Acts.

“PG” - Parental Guidance
Location:  Room 201
Coordinators/Facilitators: Mario & Holly Guerreiro, Steve & Lisa McIntire, Leo & Myra Theriot

Our focus in December will be on managing holiday stress beginning with a class facilitated by the McIntire’s called, “Crazy-Free Christmas.” Sunday, Dec. 15 will be our Christmas Party!  PG will be on holiday break Dec. 22 and 29, but will reconvene for the new year with a series on “Creating  a Healthy Home,” featuring a variety of special guests and concluding with a panel discussion in late January. In February, we will begin a DVD series on parenting. In late February, special guests Rev. Chad and Angela Germany, former Missions Directors at Southwestern AG University and former missionaries, will share on “Raising Children with Hearts for Missions.”

Location:  Room 203
Coordinators:  Gary and Susie Martindale
Teacher: Dr. Bill Griffin and Dr. Dwight Sheets

This “mosaic” of ages, backgrounds, and interests invites you to join the mix! You’ll love the fun and friendly atmosphere as class members apply biblical truths to life. Bible study is important to this class.  Starting in December, Dr. Sheets will help us find thematic connections between the Old and New Testaments. Dr. Sheets is an experienced teacher, and the issues he raises lead to important discussions that are relevant to Christian living.  

Young Marrieds’ Connection
Location: Corner House (Meadow & Luster)
Coordinators:  Pastor David and Amanda Wright
Teacher:  Pastor David Wright 

Connecting couples to one another in marriage, to other couples in friendship, and to God through relationship. Much more than a Sunday morning class, this group exists to foster friendship and community through sharing, discussion, and regular social activities. In December we’ll give you a Christmas Experience with Kyle Idleman. In January we’ll kick of 2014 with A Healthier You series, acquiring healthier minds, money, meals, and marriages.  We also meet monthly outside church for a special activity. (Designed for those in their 20s and 30s.) 

Next Step
Location: Room 205
Coordinators: Tim and Donna Trower, Bill and Lillian Davis, and Jaime Cole
Teacher: Various

The Next Step in life is facing the challenges of the here and now. We learning from the past, but we don’t live in it. As we face transitions with our children, parents and peers, we use a sound Biblical basis for our discussions of these new challenges and issues in our lives. 

Family Ties
Location:  Room 203
Teachers/Coordinators: Pam Drake & Larry Cooper 

Bound together by a love for God and one another, this group of  30-60 year olds from various backgrounds and professions invites you to join their class and their lives! Our next series, from the book Calling God Names, is an in-depth study of seven names of God in the Old Testament.  Come discover more about God in this lively and interactive class!  

The Breakfast Club
Location:  Room 204
Coordinator:  Doug and Roxi Hoel
Teacher/Facilitator: Dr. Bill Griffin 

Did you go to High School in the 80’s or early 90’s? Come feast on the Word with the “Breakfast Club!” Enjoy an atmosphere where friendships, in-depth Bible study, discussion, and prayer flourish.  Our current parenting series is called Be Prepared: Equipping Kids to Face Today’s World. Following this series, Dr. Bill Griffin will continue to lead the class through various biblical studies.  You’ll love Dr. Griffin’s scholarly insight and conversational approach to learning.

Radiant Life Bible Class
Location:  Room 208
Coordinator:  Joyce Lee
Teachers: Joyce Lee  

Using Radiant Life curriculum as a guide, get consistent Bible study throughout the year. This season, Radiant Life will work through a series on the Songs and Hymns in the New Testament and Wisdom From Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.

All ages are welcome.